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1. Dates:

        The timing of a seminar depends upon availability in our schedule. We tend to book about six months to a year in advance, but we often have openings in our schedule that can be filled with less advance planning. Let us know the date or dates that would be best for you.

2. Expenses:

        Our travel expenses and a place to stay needs to be provided by the inviting church or group. We prefer to stay in homes but hotel or motel arrangements are also okay. We do not have a set speaking fee. An honorarium or love offering is acceptable. If the group is small, a minimum amount may need to be established. We also try to do group speaking engagements in various areas of the US, Canada, or in other countries as much as possible. Sometimes air fare cost can then be shared by two or more inviting groups. We prefer to handle the securing of plane tickets through our local travel agent so we can coordinate such arrangements.

3. Schedule:

        We find it best to have at least six to eight hours for a seminar. We have done the seminar in as little as four hours, but much material, of necessity, has to be eliminated. A one-day seminar works well with sessions from 9 a.m. to 12 noon (with a break for lunch), 1 p.m. to 4 or 5 p.m. An evening session from 7 to 9 p.m. could also possibly be added. Alternatives include having the evening session the day before, with the following day's sessions from 9 a.m. to 4 or 5 p.m. There would also be two 15-minute coffee breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
        Some churches have had us start the seminar with the introduction at the Sunday morning service (whets the interest so that more decide to do the whole seminar) followed by afternoon and evening sessions with a potluck or soup and salad meals in between. Others have had us do Sunday morning and evening followed by Monday and possibly Tuesday night sessions.
        We are very flexible and are happy to work into whatever schedule works for the local church, group or community. Para-church groups generally schedule a one-day seminar. For retreats the seminar can usually be done in three or four sessions.

 4. Syllabus:

        We require that each seminar participant use our 48-page seminar syllabus ($5.00 U.S.) so they can write in it and add information as we teach. The syllabus contains the adult motivational gifts questionnaire, the tie-breaker questions, biblical examples, and vital introductory and practical life application information. Publicity about the seminar should make note of the syllabus requirement.
        We also recommend the addition of the Ministry Discovery Set ($2.00 U.S.) so that participants have practical information about putting their gifts into action. When both of these items are used by the inviting group the cost is just a total of $7.00.

5. Teaching Method

We work as a team, sort of an Aquilla/Priscilla approach when we teach. We interact with each other and the group during the entire seminar. However, we can also do the seminar individually. Don is an exhorter/teacher and Katie is an administrator/teacher. The blend makes a lively and interesting presentation.

6. Publicity

        We have a publicity packet that you can request in advance to help you with publicity for the seminar. It includes a joint resume, black and white and color glossy photos, sample brochures that can be adapted for the local situation, news releases, a suggested newspaper article, radio spots, posters, bulletin notices, brochures, flyers, and copies of some articles that have been written about us and the seminar.
        Many churches open the seminar to other churches or groups or to the whole community. Other churches will often be willing to publicize the seminar too.
        Of course word of mouth is the very best publicity. Encourage people to personally invite others to come. Emphasize how the seminar will help them to discover the gifts that God has given them and how life changing the seminar is. So often we hear comments later like, "If I had just known what kind of seminar this would be, I would have been there."
        Church bulletin notices and/or inserts, mail- outs, posters and other typical publicity methods can be utilized to generate interest. Personal phone calls to generate registration commitment is very helpful.
        We are happy to be available for local radio, television or newspaper interviews to help publicize the seminar. This sometimes necessitates arriving a day early and we are glad to do this if our schedule permits. Also, radio interviews often can be done by phone from our house. If a Christian book store would like to have us do an autograph party, we'd be glad to do so.

7. Practical Considerations

        We like to have a large white board (or blackboard) available to use while we teach (along with markers and an eraser). An overhead projector can be substituted if no boards are available (although we prefer using a board) or if the group is very large (150+). The projector will need to be located beside the podium, to the speaker's right. If both of us are teaching we will need two microphones (unless it is a small group and amplification is not needed). It is best if at least one of them could be a lavaliere mike.
        If permissible, we would like to have a book table (at least 8 feet long) and a responsible person to handle the sales of our materials. Most groups invite us to bring our books, tapes, and questionnaires for those who would like copies.
        We are excited about this subject and love to share it in churches and groups. We love to see people come to know their giftedness and find their part in the ministry of the local church and the Body of Christ as a whole.
        We suggest the pastor make photocopies of the profile sheet (page 12 only) and have a copy for each participant to fill out at the end of the seminar and turn in to help make a file of the parishioner's gifts. Leaders can then access this file for the possible selection of people gifted in various areas for certain activities, ministries, or positions.
        If we can be of further assistance to you, please let us know.

Special Note

We also do seminars on the subjects of our other two books, Discover Your Children's Gifts, and Discover Your Spouse's Gifts, as well as on Spiritual Warfare, Christian Counseling, The Holy Spirit's Gifts, Ministry Gifts, The Bride, Dealing with Anger, The Three Heavens, and Matters of the Heart.

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